The Meaning of 11-11-11

Those of you following me for some time know that I like to get information from various esoteric tools, and share it in case you find it provocative and insightful. The object of my most recent attention is today’s date – November 11, 2009, or 11:11:11 (by adding 2 + 9 of 2009).

This is the first time this master number has shown up in a date (in what I understand our lifetime!), which is big energy on a number of levels.

To begin, 11 is the master psychic’s number, and focuses on intuition, spiritual truth, ideals and being a conduit for high vibration energy and insights. It’s not about being risky, reckless or even speculative; in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s making choices and decisions from a deep knowingness that transcends the surface ‘look’ of a situation, circumstances or relationship.

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When you (or any of us) operate from that deep inner place, you are following your unique insights, which is the only place to enhance our true creativity. Looking for the short, obvious answers stunts our growth, the remedy of which is to know what we know and be responsible for it.

The primary energy of 11:11:11 is (naturally enough) 1 energy, which is about leadership, new beginnings, fresh starts, pioneering, independence, self-awareness, consciousness, leading your own life and taking care of your own needs; however, the shadow side of 1 energy includes being selfish, arrogant, aggressive, egotistical and lacking tact.

The 1 + 1 energy of 11 is the number of connection – if you know that 1 + 1 equals two, but it doesn’t feeeeel right, it’s a sign that you’ve overlooked some details and your intuition is talking to you to help you connect the dots.

The 11.11 energy invites being fully accountable for your actions and how you are living your life from an evolved perspective. When not fully expressed, the shadow energy of 11 is living in fantasy, instability, paranoia, un-balanced, ignorant, manipulative, with an irrational fear of change and self-sabotage.

It’s a powerful number that can offer clarity or delusion, depending on how you relate to it.

The 11 energy helps us to see things from different perspectives – even the 11 (when laid sideways) becomes an equal sign (=).

And 11 is made up of two 1s, symbolizing humanity by the 1 looking at itself (think 1:1 with the colon as the mirror). The 11 energy represents both the one person but also the ‘we’ that is formed by two. It is the individual reflecting on oneself at a deep level (not just the surface image) to grow into self-acceptance and more full contribution to the whole.

11:11:11 (the date today) adds up to the number 6, which is the number of domestic responsibilities, home, family, stability, accountability and balance. The 6 energy teaches how to make the ‘right’ decisions, to rise above small-mindedness and to see the hidden aspects of your priorities and decisions – they have to go beyond your own interests to include your “family” (whether biological or chosen).

There aren’t any quick fixes in the six vibration; instead, it’s about patience and taking time to let things grow (as we do with children).

In this energy, you are the parent – to shepherd positive growth, to teach, be a good role model, and be fully expressed from the inside out – for yourself and the people in your world. This may require some healing from the inside out too, which means letting go of that which you know no longer serves you emotionally, physically, intellectually, energetically, spiritually. This is the time to release those old patterns and heal, as the power of profound insights supports your change.

May you discover your insights and illuminated path for yourself and your business by using the 11:11:11 energy today and beyond.

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  1. In numerology, the meaning of number 111111 = 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 6 is also described by the following characteristics: compassionate, responsible, sacrificing and unselfish, harmonious and balanced, generous, kind, humble, charismatic and charming. Bob from Numerology Calculation

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