The Path To Successful Astral Projection

Astral projection is an out of body experience.  It is when your essence, soul or whatever you prefer to call it leaves your body and is aware on the astral plane instead of the physical plane.  Astral projection can be voluntary or involuntary.

Involuntary astral projection can happen due to trauma or during sleep.  Coma patients often remark of being outside their body when they are in the comatose state.  Many people assume astral projection that occurs during sleep is simply a dream and therefore do not even recognize that they have done it.

Voluntary astral projection is not so simple.  It takes work to be able to voluntarily leave your body and exist on the astral plane.  Being able to perform astral projection starts with being able to completely relax and go deep into a meditative state.

Those experienced at astral projection can easily perform it anytime they wish.  However, for a beginner, it is best to start small and build up your abilities before trying to astral project anytime you wish.

Part of the struggle with voluntary astral projection is being able to separate the physical from the astral.  For some people, being able to forget about the physical is the hardest part.  You have to be able to focus your energy in the astral part of your being in order to astral project.

Learning to astral project begins with meditation and getting to that relaxed state.  Once you are able to fully relax and let go of your physical consciousness then you are ready to begin trying to astral project.

Astral projection is something that you should try to visualize.  You should visualize a silver cord, much like an umbilical cord, that attaches your astral self to your physical self.  This cord binds you together so your astral self can come back.

You can then visualize your astral self however you wish.  You can visualize a white cloud or even your physical self in ghost-like form.  Whatever works best for you is fine.

You should see your astral self rising out of your body around your solar plexus chakra, which is located at your stomach.  Remember to be conscious of the cord that binds your astral self to your physical self.

Once you have been successful at leaving your body then you can begin to use astral projection.  You can visit any place you desire or anyone you desire.  You can even meet others who are traveling on the astral plane.

You should try to keep your travels short in the beginning.  This will allow you to build your abilities without tiring yourself out.

Some people fear losing their astral self when performing astral projection.  You cannot get lost because you are connected at all times by the silver cord.  Additionally, there is little harm that can come to you when you are performing astral projection.

Astral projection can be fun as well as a learning experience.  Astral projection allows you to travel to places you may not otherwise travel and meet people you may never get to meet.  It is a great opportunity to explore the world on a different level and get to really know your inner self.

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