Learn To Use Your Intuition

Intuition is something that everyone has.  Some people’s intuition is more sensitive than others, but everyone has the ability to develop it and be able to use it.  Intuition is easiest to describe as the feeling of just knowing something that will happen before it happens.

A good example of intuition is when you know the phone will ring and it does.  This may happen occasionally or you may have it happen every time the phone rings.  Either way it is your intuition working.

Intuition is a psychic ability.  Even people who do not believe in psychic powers will usually believe in intuition.  Some may refer to it as a gut feeling or a hunch.  It is just a knowing.  Intuition can give you warnings or it can be a guide.

You can use your intuition in many ways.  Once you are able to harness its power you can begin to use it in your daily life to help you in many ways.

To get in touch with your intuition you can begin by simply listening to it.  You have surely had experiences where you just knew what was going to happen or you had a feeling about making a decision.  These are times when your intuition was working.

Many times we fight our intuition or ignore it.  We chalk it up to nerves or indecision.  However, when you stop working against your intuition you will find that it can be very helpful.

The next time you start to get that feeling of intuition you should listen to it.  Go with what you are feeling and trust your gut instinct.  You will likely be surprised when you find out that your feeling was right.

It can be difficult at first to start trusting your intuition.  You may have to work to make yourself start listening to your intuition.  It can be hard especially if you have ignored it for a long time.

It can help to keep a journal of your efforts so that you can really see your intuition working.  You can write down throughout the day the times when your intuition worked for you.  By seeing the impact of your intuition in your life, you may find it easier to start listening to it on a regular basis.

Learning to trust your intuition can have a great impact on your life.  You will find that you are able to make decisions easier, that you are happier with your choices in life and that you are able to avoid problems more easily.

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Get Connected With Indigo Children

Indigo children are children who possess special psychic or paranormal abilities.  Indigo children are said to be called by the color indigo because they have indigo hued auras.

Indigo children are born with their abilities, but society pressures and how parents handle these children can suppress the abilities.  Therefore, parents of indigo children can be taught to recognize the traits of the indigo children from birth in order to help their child develop their abilities.

Some of the traits of indigo children are as follows:

– they often act as if they are royal
– they define who they are and they know who they are
– they have problems with authority
– they refuse to do certain tasks
– systems frustrate them, they prefer creativity
– they always seem to come up with a better way of doing things
– they act anti-social
– they express their needs easily

Indigo children are often misdiagnosed as having ADHD.  This is due to the fact that they get bored easily and often refuse to do things that are expected of them.

Indigo children are believed to have a direct connection with the earth upon birth.  Some even believe that they have special DNA that gives them their abilities.

Indigo children are often very intelligent.  They can have a variety of abilities from healing to telepathy.  They are usually creative and very knowledgeable, especially about history, science and spirituality.

There is concern that Indigo children may really have disabilities or that they may simply have overactive imaginations.  Critics of the Indigo children theory say the lack of good evidence proves that Indigo children are nothing more then hype.

Critics worry that these children are not getting the proper help and that, instead of being treated for severe problems, such as autism, they are being taught these problems are actually special powers or gifts.

Those who have Indigo children or who have met Indigo children, however, believe they truly are special children with special gifts.  In fact, many believe Indigo children are a special form of human born to help evolve the human race into a more intelligent and psychic race.

Like any other paranormal event or idea, it is no surprise there is debate from skeptics.  The idea of Indigo children is still rather new.  It wasn’t until 1999 that the concept really began to grow and develop.  So, there is still time to conduct studies and research, in order to look deeper into the concept of Indigo children.

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